What should I bring to class?

You must have grip socks and a sweat towel. We’re an eco friendly studio and do not provide plastic cups, so bring your own water bottle. You might want to bring a workout towel as we sweat here! If you need a towel at the studio, they are available for purchase.

How early should I arrive to class?

First time to HF? Please arrive 15 minutes early, so we can get you set up and familiar with the ROWFORMER. Otherwise, arrive five minutes before class. If you’re 5 mins. late, your spot may be given to someone on the waitlist.

Are grip socks required?      

Yes you must wear grip socks for your safety. No exceptions. Socks sold in studio.

Can I bring my phone into class?

Leave it in your cubby or car please while you sweat in class. Proud of what you’ve achieved? So are we, so please take a picture in front of our HF wall after class to show off your hard work!

Do you have lockers?

No, but we do have cubbies. If you have things of value such as jewelry please leave them in your car as we are not responsible for any lost or stolen items.


What is a ROWFORMER Class?

Pilates Inspired,Cardio Infused. The class that will change the way you train. You will Sweat and Shake. Our 50 minute class includes light and heavy resistance strength training for a full-body workout. Pilates Inspired to work your upper body, back, legs, glutes, obliques, abs and core. Cardio Infused with HIIT training placed within the workout with five minute blocks of rowing.

How is an HF class on the ROWFORMER different from Pilates and Lagree? The HF workout is unlike anything you’ve done before. THE ROWFORMER is the first machine ever to combine resistance training with cardio HIIT training on the rowing end. With little to no impact on your joints, it’s one of the safest and most efficient ways to train. Our classes combine strong controlled movements (which use slow twitch muscle fibers which activates to helps build endurance) and bursts of fast movement (which use fast twitch muscle fiber activation that promotes speed and power).

How many times should I come a week?

We suggest three classes a week to get the most benefits of the ROWFORMER workout. If you want more than add in a few FORM classes to balance out your week!  Every body is different. It’s important to do what feels good for you and what your body responds to best.

What is the ROWFORMER?

A game changer. The first machine of its kind. It is a Pilates Inspired machine infused with a Concept 2 rower. Come in and see for yourself.

Do you have a beginner class?

All fitness levels are welcome in each class so there’s no need for a beginners class. Our HF trainers can modify the class to your needs. If you’re coming to this workout for the first time, please arrive 15 minutes earlier so we can get you comfortable with the ROWFOMER.

Is this class going to be hard?

Yes it is challenging, but what challenges you will also change you. It will be the best thing you have ever tried. Our classes are intense, but doable. Our trainers can adjust things to fit your needs. The ROWFORMER changes you. If you don’t get it at first, don’t beat yourself up. Embrace the challenge. Give yourself several weeks to learn the exercises and the flow of the classes.

How many calories will I burn?

You get what you put into it plus a little more. The number of calories burned depends on your gender and size, but on average you could burn upwards of 800 calories in a single 50-minute class.

Do I need a heart rate monitor?

You’ll need a heart rate monitor and can purchase them at the studio. We use the technology in class to see where you are at in the workout. It’s a great way to motivate you during your workout. Track your progress with our integrated heart rate technology, push yourself out of your comfort zone with our motivational trainers.


What if I need to cancel my membership?

We will need you to email us with a ten day notice after one auto pay goes through.

Why do you need my credit card on file?

It is the policy of HF to require a card on file as we want it to be convenient for you for purchases in the studio.  We also need it for auto payments. If there is ever a no show or late cancel, we will then be able to charge your card.

Can I put my monthly payment on hold:

Yes, for a charge of $50 per episode.


What is your cancellation policy?

We have a 12 hour class cancellation policy. If you’ve reserved a spot in class and cancel after the 12 hours, you will be charged $15and/or forfeit a session for the class. This includes switching time slots. You can cancel on the APP or on our website.

What is your late arrival policy?

We want you to get more out of your workout. So we’re strict with our late arrival policy. Be more than five minutes late for your class and you’ll lose your spot and may incur a late cancel charge and/or forfeit a class session. This is for your safety; to make sure you can adequately warm up in the first block of class. First-time clients must arrive 15 minutes before class.

Do you have a late cancel/no show fee?

If you know you’re unable to attend, cancel your class so other HF members can take your place. If you fail to cancel more than 12 hours before class you are charged $15, if less than two hours before class then it is considered a no show and the charge is $25. If you no show the fee is $25.

How does the waitlist work?

Full class? Join the waitlist. You’ll have better luck getting into a class, plus it lets us know where we need to add classes. You’ll get a text and or e-mail if you’ve been added into class if someone has dropped out 12 hours before class time.


Can I leave my kids, pets or other items in the waiting area?

HF will help you get the most out of your workout, but unfortunately that doesn’t include watching children/dogs or items at this time.

Looking to own
your own studio?


If so, leave your information here so we can get in touch. Currently we are expanding in several cities and much interest across the USA and even International! If you are looking to get into the fitness studio space and want to be part of this amazing new and full body workout, lets talk.